VISCO LOVE ProComf Travel Mate/Baby/Kid’s/Teen’s Memory Foam Pillow

BEST PADDINGS FOR UNDERWAY: Whether journeying, by automobile, aircraft, train, resort for a “Power Nap” in the workplace or even on the sofa. For a relaxed as well as serene sleep is constantly dealt with. Along with our viscoelastic Volar, you will certainly never need to forgo the convenience of your property.
LIGHT AND ROOM: The TRAVEL FRIEND considers less than half a liter from water and also is available in a functional travel bag. With the help of useful luggage, this can be lugged anywhere. See images.
ERGONOMIC AND ALSO ORTHOPEDIC: In addition to rest pros, our experts have developed the Smart foam pillow, which provides a best resting adventure as well as perfect night-time healing. Our cushion delivers an optimal support for the neck and cervical spine (HWS), which protects against back and back ache and also pressure.
HUMIDITY ADMINISTRATION: Microcapsules along with an exclusive thermic finish, in addition to ventilation ductworks combined right into the cushion, ensure optimal venting, excellent temperature level administration as well as keep you in a healthy and balanced microclimate in the course of your rest. This indicates a lot less sweating as well as icy in your sleep.

Travel Friend Memory Foam Pillow! Enjoy Your Trip with Your TRIP MATE!
LIGHT AND AREA: The TRIP FRIEND considers less than half a litre from water and can be found in an useful luggage. Thanks to useful travel bag, this may be held all over.
IDEAL PADDINGS FOR UNDERWAY: Whether taking a trip, through vehicle, aircraft, learn, lodging for a “Power Nap” in the workplace or even on the sofa. For a relaxed and also serene rest is actually consistently handled. Along with our viscoelastic Volar, you will certainly never need to give up the convenience of your home.
ERGONOMIC AND ALSO ORTHOPEDIC: Together with sleep specialists, our team have created the Smart foam pillow, which delivers an excellent resting expertise and also suitable night-time rehabilitation. Our cushion gives a superior help for the neck as well as cervical back (HWS), which prevents back and also back discomfort in addition to strain.


Kids Travel Pillows Neck Product Description

The Travel Companion Pillow is actually the excellent partner when traveling.
Whether passing by cars and truck, plane or even learn and even in the tent on a wonderful mountain range scenic tour, Along with the tiny viscoelastic pillow, you always possess an item from house with you and do not must abandon the normal sleep comfort.
The Travel Buddy Cushion along with the exclusive stage change cover is available in the functional luggage, through which this is wrapped on handy 10 inches long and 5.2 inches in diameter rarely inhabits space in the traveling suitcases.