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Most of us will have a long tour planned this summer whether by car, plane or boat. The best way to enjoy your journey is to get comfortable and sleep through until you arrive. However, the only way to get a good nap on your journey is by having a travel pillow. In this article, I am going to review some of the best travel pillows for adults.

Ultimate Travel Pillows

One of the most amazing things about this pillow is that it is inflatable. You can as well fold it to fit in your bag. It is easy to tether this pillow on the car or plane seats. Strings that you can easily loop over the head. It is available in red, blue, and grey and yellow.

Trtl Pillow

With this pillow, you can go up to an hour without getting disturbed.The pillow feels good on your skin and that is majority of the travelers like. The pillow can hold your neck in an ergonomic position which is better than the U-shaped travel pillow.

Travel Hoodie Travel neck Pillow

80 percent of the pillow is polyester and 20 percent cotton. This is what makes it soft and comfortable against your skin. The hoodie will provide your eyes with a shade as you try to catch some sleep. It is available in several colors and you can purchase it according to your taste and preference.

Ostrich Pillow Original

You may find this pillow strange looking but it is one of the most comfortable travel pillows. It has polystyrene micro beads and can cover the whole head and neck. Although you can use it on the seat, it is highly recommended if you can rest your head on a table. However, it can also be applicable if you are leaning backwards.