AirComfy Inflatable Neck/Lumbar Pillow – Cervical Neck Support and Lumbar Back Pain Prevention with Airplane Travel Packsack


MULTIFUNCTIONAL USAGE – The shape style not just holds your head upright, it also gives hassle-free reduced, mid or top back support.
CONTROL YOUR COMFORT – Adjustable inflation permits you to select if you want it soft or firm – making it ideal for men, ladies and also youngsters of any ages.
TAKE IT ALL OVER – Exceptional for office chairs, cars and truck headrests, backpacking, camping, physical therapy, health center bed recovery, and also maternity.
LIGHT-WEIGHT TRAVELING – The collapsible style presses into a portable packsack. Free up internal travel luggage space as well as clip it to your carryon.
HOLD IT In Position – An expanding rubber band safeguards the cushion to seats, so you could move around as well as still maintain comfy positioning.

Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow Product Description


Complete Cervical Neck Support – The pillow center cradles the arch in your neck, providing adequate support right where you require it.
A Low Profile – Full assistance shouldn’t need you to feel claustrophobic. Loosen up without the thickness of traditional neck or back pillows. Our one-of-a-kind side wings stop your head from tilting, so you won’t need to withstand neck pain later.
A Portable Design – Easily deflate and also stow your cushion in its packsack, and take it to the office, on your commute, or perhaps to the theater!
An Optional Strap – No should lose that excellent pillow placement. Secure it to your headrest with our handy expanding rubber band.
Wipe-Clean Textile – Our material easily wipes tidy with a moist fabric (an optional pillowcase is sold separately).
Elegant inner foam provides support without a hollow, lively sensation of most inflatables.


Minimize Pain In The Back – Whether you require a little or a great deal of back support, the flexible rising cost of living of the AirComfy will meet your requirements.
It Nestles the Arc in Your Reduced Back, providing lumbar support where your chair is lacking.
Assists Support You in Recuperation – Whether it’s a lengthy health center recovery from surgical treatment or recurring Physical Therapy that requires you to sit or rest “just-so”, the AirComfy has you covered!
Discreet Packability allows you the versatility of packing it small and taking it with you– whether that’s to the theater or being in church seats.
Sized for all – You regulate the inflation degree of your pillow– so you can figure out if you desire it kid-sized, adult-sized or throughout between.

Cushion Dimensions:.
Fully Inflated: 14″ x 8.5″ x 3.5″ (density flexible).
Deflated in Packsack: 4.5″ x 8.5″.

Maintain a Low Profile.
Relaxing should not require you to feel claustrophobic. Loosen up without the thickness of traditional neck pillows.

Strap it On!
No need to lose that ideal pillow placement. Secure it to your headrest or chair with our expandable elastic band that fits most chairs.

Save your Packing Space.
Just clip your AirComfy into the outside of your luggage or bag.