Baby Travel Pillow, FOME Kids Baby Toddler Neck Pillow Neck Support Neck Rest for Car Seat Travel Airplane with Safety Seat Belt Protection Cover Shoulder Fit for Baby 1-4 Years Old

Environmentally Friendly Materials: Helped Make coming from Soft Cotton and also Tough packing that is actually solid stitched to last a long period of time, breathable delicate, certainly not worried from extrusion, the bottom of the boost in area, to give relaxed back support chin. Delicate cotton textile as well as appropriate firmness of cushion for your infant.
Classy & Lovely Animation design: Brilliant and beautiful creature modeling, vivid colours, much more eye-catching to the child’s focus on market the infant’s understanding from it, there are distinct patterns on the back of the condition type, you may allow the little one entirely play it, boost the child’s fun.
Scientific Design: Ring style, alleviate pressure on the back, fully in line with the bodily arc from the neck, U-shaped pillow above the circular hollow pillow, which helps the child taken care of instructions, hard to skew, and actually as pleasant pillow. Using double-sided products may be broken down right into summer months as well as winter months use, while enjoying the summer rejuvenating and hot winter. Appropriate for long ride, long-haul airplane, but likewise for child strollers.
Superb Handiwork, Easy to Clean: Neck cushion to alright workmanship, tight needle embroidery, long lasting non-off-line. Certainly not afraid of little one tearing, unclean may also be directly cleaned up, perform not discolor, do certainly not wrinkle.
Infant Seat Waistband: Can easily stop the safety belt rubbing child immature skin layer, particularly in the summer, yet additionally need to give the little one more protection from youngsters’s stroller car seat defense wear-resistant sleeve.Use a wide variety of utilization, infant strollers, car seats, the airplane are Can be put up.

Little One Traveling Cushion, FOME Kids Little One Toddler Back Pillow Back Help Neck Rest for Infant Seat Traveling Airplane along with Safety Seat District Protection Cover Shoulder Suitable For Child 1-4 Years Old

Children’s Travel Pillow Product Description


– Double-sided concept could be broken down right into summer season as well as wintertime make use of, while enjoying the summertime revitalizing and also warm and comfortable winter season.
– Fix the baby’s scalp as well as absorb the impact very well.
– Considering that the scalp as well as back force is extremely average, therefore when the cushion on the surface feels like drifting on the water or cloud.
– Support and support scalp and neck during your baby sleeps in an automobile, stroller or house.
– Suited for long ride, long-haul plane, but also for baby strollers.
– Dazzling picture of the rear choices in layout.
– The noise from a little one safety belt mixed greens salad could assist promote your baby’s hearing.
– Along with comforter buckle, easy to have, velcro magic fastening, easy to bend dangling.
– A pacifier can be utilized for quick and easy use.
– Free of charge safety belt are sensitive shield infant skin.
– Infant journeys buddies.

Designed for infants, you could use that in your auto, on the airplane and also on the move. In short if you want to have your little one anywhere, deliver it despite just how far, you do not have to stress over.

Material: Soft Cotton
Filler: Polyester
U Cushion Measurements: Approximately 11.8 x 7 in
Safety Belt Size: 6.3 inch
Body weight: 0.37 POUND
Appropriate Grow Older: 1-4 Years Of Ages
Match Time: All the Year Round (Summer under instance of turn on the sky ailment).
Washing strategy: Hand wash as well as equipment laundry, perform not drying and also ironing.

Deal Components:.
1 x Infant Back Pillow.
1 x Infant Seat Belt.