Niuniu Daddy Travel neck pillow ,U-shaped soft animal pillow,owl

Which Pal Will You Pick? They Are All Thrilled to Join You on Your Journeys
Polyester & Rayon Blend,90% rayon and also 10% spandex
Each Cushion Gives Outstanding Back assistance in many conditions Convertible 2-in-1 pillow helps make taking a trip easier, for any age.
When that is a back pillow, its measurements is 11.8 * 11.8 In, when that ends up being animation figurine, elevation is 13 Ins
Component: outer fiber web content is 90% polyester and also 10% spandex, inter fibre content is ONE HUNDRED% polystyrene, packing smooth micro beads.
Produce your trip a lot more pleasant
Also Humiliated To Take your beloved packed animal when far from house? This is the ideal solution, only you will certainly recognize your back cushion becomes your buddy


Baby Travel Head Support Product Description

Enchanting Back cushion ~ This is actually a neck cushion?

certainly! Certainly not precisely!

If you turn the back pillow completely, as well as it turns into a lovable monkey !.

That can easily comfy for you neck.

Create you experience pleasant in your number of years travel air travel.

It is going to have more exciting to your children!