• 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Includes (1) plush neck pillow
  • Neck pillow measures 11x 13
  • Super soft surface and stuffing for comfy cuddling
  • The perfect gift for any child
  • Easy care, spot clean only

Toddler Travel Neck Pillow Product Description

This fun, printed neck pillow features Moana from the popular Moana movie. Whether on long trips or running errands in the car, your kids will travel comfortably. This pillow could also be used for napping, reading, playing games, or watching a movie. The pillow is also small enough for easy storage in your car so your child can grab it and cozy up whenever and wherever your travels take you. Pillow measures 11″ x 13″.


Children’s Neck Pillows For Travel – Disney Moana Flower Travel Neck Pillow, Teal Neck Pillow – Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight : 7.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight : 7.8 ounces

Flower Travel Neck Pillow

Flower Travel Neck Pillow – Changes In Atmospheric Pressure Makes You Endure

Throughout takeoff or land. Modifications in atmospheric pressure affect your feel dur flight. Eat a gum tissue or yawn may improve.

Exercise In The Air Travel?

When you are sitt. Revolve your neck. Ers as well as wrists and also periodically. Alter your placement. If you ne to. Massage your calf bones and also legs. If you still worry. Stand up as well as move to the restroom or via the aisle. One ths you ought to recognize that comprehensive air travel create deep blood vessel apoplexy or embolism in leg vein. So. Workout while you travel by air.


Normally. To comfy while tak a trip calls for physical and also psychological leisures. Consequently. It essential to plan very early and also remainder well fore flight.

Stretch Material Scrubs. Neck Pillows. And Earplugs – Why Not Travel comfortably?

When a lot of us have to travel to an area that calls for an aircraft trip. Most of us tend to have the same response: dread. Everyone have actually via the safety and security at the airport terminal and also we have all hat it. There is absolutely noth worse compar to hav to put your personal valuables as well as scrubs via the examination of a total unfamiliar person. You will certainly likewise ne to remove your shoes and also perhaps taken off to the side for an extra intense second screen.

No one eagerly anticipates this component of the journey. In fact this part of the journey is most likely one of the most dread. We never ever recognize exactly what to expect at the protection line on any provid day. And also that this is simply the start of our journey. We will then have to await our trip to take off which will certainly more than likely runn late. We will certainly also ne to endure the flight for nonetheless lengthy it may as well as hope that there are no howl infants within 10 rows people. In order to enjoy your journey there are a couple of ths that you can do to make yourself more comfy.