• Striped Blue, Grey ,Red

 Mini Travel Pillow And Blanket Set Product Description

This product contains a soft throw blanket, a conforming Memory Foam head pillow, and some comfy socks to get you ready for traveling.


Fleece Travel Blanket And Pillow – The Ultimate Travel Set 3 In One Memory Foam Pillow Throw And Socks – Product Information

  • Color: Blue, red, pink
  • Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 12.2 x 5 inches
  • Item Weight : 2.45 pounds
  • Shipping Weight : 2.45 pounds

Travel Set

Travel Set – And no capability to obtain any type of rest on the aircraft. A full day at our location without any rest creates an unpleasant day. Let’s face it. An airplane is not the st location to obtain your z’s. These tricks will certainly aid you improve sleep and fight jet lag or perhaps avoid jet lag.

There are several points that you can do to help on your own. The majority of simply take a little plann as well as plann due to the fact that when you are on the aircraft. It is practically too late to apply these points. These little tricks will make a substantial difference in your capability to sleep on the airplane. As well as will certainly produce a far more pleasurable experience.

Window Seats. When book. As well as Make sure you book a window seat. This offers you a great wall surface to lean against. And gives you with a little bit a lot more privacy. Nevertheless. It is much more comfy to raid the wall. Than awaken as well as discover you are tak a snooze on the er of an unfamiliar person.

Neck Cushions. At first glimpse it may appear a bit corny. As well as In the light of Yet neck cushions are a wonderful concept. Aircraft seats are not design for comfortable rest. Hav your head bob up as well as down as you drop off does not make for good remainder. Almost any type of flight terminal store offers neck cushions. They are not pricey. Order one. It will a great financial investment.