Moaly Zip and Flip U Shaped Head Support Neck Comfort Penguin Travel Pillow (Black)

Product Description


Cute Penguin converts into trip back cushion (u-shaped).
Exterior layer is actually composed from 100% Polyester.
Significant for youngsters as well as traveling.
Dimension amounts 10.2 x11.4 x6.7 in.
Cushion filling contains Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam (EPS).

Top Quality, Relaxed as well as Soft Trip Cushion.

Guide: The Moaly Zip & Flip is a charming Penguin that completely transforms right into a pleasant u-shaped trip back pillow. The external shell (Penguin) is 100% Polyester while the cushion filling is Improved Polystyrene Geofoam (EPS). The U-shaped cushion contours to your back for a soft and also relaxed feeling. Supper smooth and relaxed traveling cushion. Could turn to Penguin to lug and ensure bag. Product is actually great for children in addition to taking a trip. Well-maintained along with wet fabric and also soapy water. After all, keeping you secure and also balanced is what Moaly is all about.

Dimension: 10.2 x11.4 x6.7 in.

Handbook: Easy to check out guide and also simple to use design.

Manufacturer’s warranty: All Moaly products included a 1-year guarantee and also 100% Moaly Contentment Assurance making your purchase worry free. Merely call our company or even your provider if you have any concerns. You will definitely view just how vital as well as simple this promise is.


– Attractive Penguin exchange travel neck cushion.
– Pillow filling has Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam (EPS).
– Size measures 10.2 x11.4 x6.7 in.
– External shell is actually comprised from 100% Polyester.
-1- year manufacturer’s warranty.