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Best Kids Travel Neck Pillow Product Description

Hypoallergenic Cotton
Created in USA
This comfortably, take-it-everywhere she or he goes cushion is THE perfect dimension and softness for your young child! Our kids cushions are perfect for little one bedrooms too!
Produced in the USA with the finest high quality materials through our little, family-run firm!
100% Hypoallergenic – your little one may not possess allergic reactions, however why take possibilities?
Not as well fluffy, certainly not also level! This pillow for youngsters holds this is actually shape in time and also, naturally, this is cleanable!
Backed through our “Love the Fluff” or our team will change it Guarantee! Pillowcases marketed independently!

Look no more for the greatest young child cushion, this is the ONE! This fantastic pillow is actually just the right measurements for your little one. This is so comfortable that they will intend to copulate this as well as take it with all of them almost everywhere! Like their beloved covering or packed “pal,” this comfortably pillow is going to be their brand-new “should possess.”

The costs polyester cluster fiber fill is actually covered along with a soft 100% cotton, 200 string matter cloth, and it is loaded only good enough to offer snugly support for your drowsy mind’s back. Cushions adapt with use so the a lot more your little one utilizes their cushion, the much more it will definitely be actually unique to their requirements. Even though lots of kids oversleep all kind of placements – whether they sleep on it, close to that, holding that, over that, or other means, the one thing we know is they are going to love that!

Our business is still small and loved ones operate. Our experts take wonderful pride in our items and our unrivaled customer service. We know that our terrific consumers are the factor our experts operate!

This is challenging to locate items made in the UNITED STATE in these times. But our own is. Our cushions are actually created by people which reside locally, and that care about each cushion they create.

This pillow is ONE HUNDRED% hypoallergenic, which means that won’t result in or even lead to allergies! Yes, this pillow is actually washable! Wash on chilly, gentle pattern, as well as dry out on low. Fluff and also passion once more.

If you journey a whole lot to grandma’s house, or even possess non-toddler little ones, you only might desire to purchase two immediately. Our experts typically aren’t joking when our team point out that your little ones are heading to love their “Little bit of Sleepy Mind Cushion!” And we are actually currently marketing pillow cases as well!



Our company cares about the comfort and support of every child. We are honored to support the The Michael Hoefflin Foundation for Children’s Cancer with a percentage of each sale, and pillow donations as well for each child they help. We are also proud to support our local Police Activities League in their after school programs for youth. We appreciate all of our customers who enable us to participate in these wonderful organizations!


Airplane Travel Pillow For Kids – Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow, White, 13 X 18 – Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 18 inches
  • Item Weight : 6.1 ounces

Head Toddler Pillow

Head Toddler Pillow –

The Lavender Unicorn is just one of one of the most preferr Cushion Animals in the market. It features a purple body and also an immaculately white mane and tail that instantly captivate your children’s heart. With this charm and snuggly unicorn. Your children can start check out enchant worlds where people can fly as well as pets chat.

Contour Travel Pillows

The roughness of travel can take its toll on the jet-setter. Lot of times they have experienc an uncomfortable night’s sleep on board plane. Trains or buses. It can also happen in resorts or motels! The reason is usually a negative or poor pillow. Other times it can a health and wellness threat to utilize the cushions provid to passengers for that these points are seldom wash or clean!

A feasible way to resolve this issue is to br a shape travel cushion in all times. They’re very easy to shop and light sufficient to lug all day! Exactly what’s even more they’re not us by someone else. So there’s no threat of obtain someth scary while travel! These cushions are also develop to cradle the head and also neck to make certain optimum convenience and ruce injuries. Especially with the sett most guests are push into when travel fars away.

Similar to several items.

A shape travel pillow has a wide range of variations to select from. It depends actually on exactly what it’s design for. The product it’s from. Design. Ses. And even the modern technology appli. The majority of travel cushions are from average foams use of in many bs and conventional pillows. Aside from the air fill up ones they’re generally the most inexpensive kind. An air fill up travel pillow is OKAY however they have the tendency to lose air and are normally not strong enough to support the neck correctly. The foam selection excels.

Specifically the solid ones however they have the tendency to lose their shape in time. There is an advanc solution to this though with the development of memory foam. They are resistant as well as hold their form for a long time. They’re easy to lug likewise as they can fold and also sav with no headache. And they’re magnificent light too! What’s more these types of travel pillows follow the contour of your head and also neck that they’re constantly well sustain and also permits one of the most comfort.

These 5 secrets will certainly enable you to arrive at your location well rest. As well as in many cases will certainly also aid you avoid jet lag or at least fight jet lag.