COOLBEBE Kids Neck Travel Pillow, Remarkable Head Chin Neck Support U-Shaped Animal Pillows for Child, Toddlers – Relax and Sleep Soundly Anytime

  • 360-degree Head Neck Support 360 Degree – Full support for 100% comfort Our travel pillow for cars can help your kids neck, relieving neck pain when traveling. Bilaterally thickened and widening with full support in the front and side, but thinner inside the neck pillow’s back to prevent the it from becoming a slouche. Ideal for infants and toddlers. Toddlers ranging from 1 to 12 years old.
  • COOLBEBE Kids Neck Travel Pillow. The U-Shaped neck pillow is made from 100percent cotton piqué The fabric’s surface appears similar to a honeycomb, and is more comfortable and dry. It isn’t easy to break and no pilling, 100 machine washable. COOLBEBE is a brand that’s new but we pay greater focus on the quality. so make sure you purchase a one that will last!
  • Adjustable Snap Button The toddler neck pillow that has a Snap Button to stop the head from falling forward and provides neck, chin and complete head support. The neck pillow we offer will give you the comfort you need and will adapt to your position at all times. Utilize the COOIBEBE chin pillows and rest anywhere: at work at home, at the airport on the plane, train, or bus!
  • Space-saving COOLBEBE Kids travel pillow with an ergonomic design, it can hang it on any hook or fix it to your suitcase, bag or backpack without taking up space. Simply wrap the handle around of your luggage, or attach it to your backpack. This is a great feature to use on your travels, great for car trips and plane travel.
  • Lifetime support for 100% – We thank you so much for becoming among our wonderful customers. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be back within 24 hours. Simply shut the snap and put your head forward on the pillow. USE ON-THE-GO OR AT HOME. Our pillows are just as cozy on the couch or in mattress!