BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow – Supports the Head, Neck and Chin in Maximum Comfort in Any Sitting Position. A Patented Product. Adult Size, NAVY


Inflatable Neck Pillow Product Description

THE BCOZZY PILLOW is the only travel pillow that stops the head from falling forward; the copyrighted neck cushion covers gently around the neck as well as gives SUPER SOFT AND BEST ASSISTANCE simultaneously to the head, neck, and chin;
– SUITABLE FOR AIRCRAFT TRIPS due to the fact that it is comfortable as well as in fact works; YOU CAN adhere as well as twist it in a number of placements and manage how limited it will certainly be around your neck. The style is best for full support while sleeping upright without obtaining a stiff neck; EXCELLENT ALSO FOR ALL KINDS OF TRAVEL- cars and truck, train, or bus trip;
– PERFECT FOR THE RESIDENCE– THE SPECIAL DESIGN is crafted for kicking back the head and neck muscle mass when watching TV or ANALYSIS and for supporting the go to people having problem holding the direct and also need assistance or to sleep in an upright position.
– FANTASTIC FOR YOUNGSTERS since its special design gives the kid a sense of convenience and also safety and security while STOPPING THE CHIN FROM SNAPPING or going down ahead and sideways, particularly during a car ride; Not a security tool, for convenience just; Do not leave child ignored while utilizing;
– EASY TREATMENT AND CARRYING because it is durable and TOTALLY MACHINE WASHABLE; it can be quickly connected to side of the carry-on with a SNAP BAND or conveniently pressed into the hand bag;