Baby Travel Neck Support Product Description

GREATEST ANSWER: Taking WapWap lower leg reside you when you journey along with your child makes your trip no more miserable. With wapwap leg rest pillow, kid will certainly believe pleasant to put down, rest or sleep on this. Your youngster is gon na like that and have a delightful desire during the course of the whole flight.
LIGHTWEIGHT: Measuring just 12 ounces, this 17″ x THIRTEEN” x 20″ blow up leg cushions may be folded and suited a small storage space bag.
TOTALLY SAFE: WapWap little ones’ lower leg traveling pillow passes all the demanded CPSIA tests. The matierial, which is crafted from top quality PVC is totally safe for youngsters to utilize.
EFFORTLESS TO PUMP UP: You may utilizing plane’s air vent above your seat to blow up the WapWap travel bed for children.
KIND POINTER: If any sort of top quality problems develops during the 1st month of your make use of, feel free to don’t hesitate to call our team. Our customer care is actually 24/7.


In order for you to have a fantastic knowledge with our wapwap Lower leg Relax Cushion, just before you take it to the tour, satisfy make an effort inflating it in the home, to inspect if this water leaks. If so, contact our company through email. Our company’ll send you a brand-new one promptly making use of Priority Mail. Your satisfaction is important to our company.

Produce Economic climate feel like FIRST CLASS for your Children.

Every journeying moms and dad knows all also effectively concerning the tests as well as burdens of flying long-haul with youngsters. We recommend you wapwap Blow up Leg Rest Trip Cushion for Little ones urge your kid to sleep a lot of the hrs airborne.

The wapwap Blow up Leg Cushion that fills up the legroom gap on the plane, efficiently switching your child’s economy seating in to a flatbed. When collapsed, our Bedroom Carton is small enough to squeeze in to your hand baggage bag.

RISK-FREE products!

The wapwap Kids’ Leg Rest Pillow has actually gone through various CPSIA exams in CPSC certified laboratory. Your kid’s security is our highest worry.

Super EASY to pump up.

You have pair of options: on many of the airplane, you can make use of the overhanging air duct to force air into the cushion. Or even, you could merely do it by mouth.

This is the perfect solution to quit your kids coming from stopping the chair ahead, or wailing throughout the long haul tour.

Perfect for finding the best pleasant role on long quest.


If any type of quality problems develops throughout the 1st month from your make use of, simply call our company. Our client service is actually 24/7.


Infant Travel Neck Pillow – Travel Pillow for Kids, wapwap Travel Accessories Inflatable Footrest Travel Bed for Airplanes, Toddlers Bed Box on Flight, Using Cabin Overhead Air Vent to Inflate – Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 6.3 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight : 11.7 ounces
  • Shipping Weight : 14.4 ounces

Travel Pillow for Kids

Travel Pillow for Kids – Theta corresponds in the course of desire condition.
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It Further More is actually feasible to opt for the best curve cushion you are actually hunting for coming from the a variety of kinds offeron the marketplace. Each along with somewhat various attributes. Look at the simple fact. That In the light of such an item can easily can found in useful for those. That In the light of take a trip a great deal. The bedrooms in hotels or even accommodations are actually often certainly not as pleasant as you prefer. And also occasionally you may also bother with the care. However the only thing. That In the light of can easily transform once you may take your shape cushion along with you anywhere.