EXCELLENT FOR VERY HOT OR PERSPIRING SLEEPERS: Our little one pillow includes a temperature level controling Outlast ® Gold Licensed textile liner on the cushion’s top-side. The Outlast ® modern technology proactively takes in as well as retail stores excess heat energy transmitting off the skin layer to stop heat energy and also dampness (sweat) from accumulating. When the skin cools down, the held warm is actually launched to stop coldness. By constantly adjusting to your little one’s thermal demands, this Outlast ® young child cushion will definitely keep your little one pleasant all night long.
LOW LOFT CUSHION ENCOURAGED FOR MUCH YOUNGER KIDS: This little cushion measures THIRTEEN” through 18″ as well as includes 4 ozs of polyfiber fill to deliver the suitable neck alignment for young kids (18 months to 3 years old). Our reduced attic level pillow possesses an organic elevation from 2″ and also presses to between 0.5″ as well as 1″ when reconsidered. Preschoolers may discover our Mid Loft model to be a much better fit and also greater young children, little ones, as well as adults should consider our Higher Loft space/ Travel pillow.
ONE HUNDRED% HYPOALLERGENIC As Well As WASHABLE: Our little pillow is completely hypoallergenic considering that it is actually crafted from ONE HUNDRED% natural cotton and also packed along with a hypoallergenic polyfiber stuffing. Caring for our cushion is actually a wind due to the fact that it is actually maker cleanable and clothing dryer pleasant. A kid pillowcase, little pillowcase, or even travel pillowcase (any 13×18 pillowcase or even 14×19 pillowcase) could be obtained independently. For sweating people, our team advise utilizing our Sweaty Tots Dampness Wicking Young Child Pillowcase.
QUALITY YOU TIN VIEW, CONVENIENCE YOU CAN FEEL: Our youngsters cushions have actually been actually adeptly crafted using a spectacular 300 strand count sateen cotton fabric that possesses double-stitched edging for durability. That is going to endure a life time from maker cleanings, daily journeys to day care, and also traveling in automobiles and aircrafts all without loss of fluff … promised! Our team are actually a family-owned company and consumer fulfillment is our number one priority which is actually why we offer a LIFE-TIME money-back or even replacement warranty.
SAFETY AND SECURITY IS PARAMOUNT: We’ve crafted our cushions for little ones to become soft but firm, making it a risk-free 1st pillow for sleeping in baby cribs as well as toddler bedrooms. Professionals encourage that a cot pillow be offered after 18 months old and that a firm however standard child pillow must be actually used to reduce the threat of suffocation. Our experts secure a Youngster’s Product Certificate (CPC) displaying conformity along with Flammability requirements stated due to the CPSC and also accredited through a CPSC-approved laboratory.


Infant Travel Neck Pillow Product Description


Below at Sweaty Tots, our purpose is actually to assist little ones who are scorching or moist sleepers receive a more comfy evening’s sleep. With our Outlast ® temperature moderating toddler cushions, your little one will experience superior thermic comfort (less sweating, a lot less coldness).

Last longer than ® patented technology sustains the best convenience region for your child by means of aggressive warmth administration. Excess heat emitting coming from your youngster is absorbed and also kept which protects against heat and humidity (sweat) from accumulating. When the skin layer cools, the stored warm is released to stop cool.

Last longer than ® innovation was cultivated for NASA to defend rocketeers versus severe temperature level changes precede. It has been designated a Professional Space Technology and has been sworn in to the distinguished Space Technology Hall of Prominence. Our team are proud to become the 1st to use this innovation in order to help children obtain a far better evening’s sleep.

– Sized for little bit of sleepers at THIRTEEN” x 18″
– Outlast ® Gold approved material liner on the cushion’s top-side is ranked for evening coats
– Hypoallergenic 300 strand matter, 100% cotton sateen top fabric
– Three attic possibilities:
– Reduced loft space (4 ounces fill) suggested for youthful kids (1.5 to 3 yrs).
– Mid loft (6 oz filler) highly recommended for young children (3 to 5 yrs).
– Travel Cushion/ Higher loft (8 ounces fill) encouraged for larger little ones, young children, as well as adults who take a trip.
– Double sewed bordering adds sturdiness as well as prevents reduction from satisfying in time – Machine cleanable and also dryer welcoming.

We are a family-owned service as well as customer total satisfaction is our top priority which is actually why we offer a LIFE-TIME money-back or even replacement assurance.


Below at Sweaty Tots, our mission is actually to aid youngsters which are actually hot or even perspiring sleepers obtain an even more relaxed night’s rest. Along with our Outlast ® temperature moderating toddler pillows, your child is going to experience optimum thermic comfort (less sweating, much less coldness).

Outlive ® trademarked technology preserves the ideal convenience zone for your little one via aggressive warm control. Excess heat energy transmitting off your kid is soaked up and stored which stops heat and humidity (sweat) from accumulating. When the skin layer cools, the stored warm is launched to stop cool.

Last longer than ® modern technology was established for NASA to guard astronauts from severe temperature changes in space. This has been designated a Certified Space Technology and has actually been sworn in to the prestigious Space Technology Venue of Popularity. Our experts are proud to become the initial to use this innovation to help little ones obtain a much better night’s sleep.

– Sized for little bit of sleepers at 13″ x 18″.
– Outlive ® Gold licensed textile liner on the cushion’s top-side is actually ranked for evening sweaters.
– Hypoallergenic 300 thread matter, ONE HUNDRED% cotton sateen best cloth.
– Three loft choices:.
– Reduced loft (4 oz fill) advised for young toddlers (1.5 to 3 years).
– Mid attic (6 oz stuffing) suggested for young children (3 to 5 yrs).
– Travel Pillow/ Higher loft (8 ounces filler) advised for larger kids, young kids, and adults that travel.
– Dual sewed bordering includes durability and also avoids loss from satisfying in time – Equipment washable and also dryer welcoming.

We are actually a family-owned organisation and client fulfillment is our best priority which is why we provide a LIFETIME money-back or replacement assurance.


Kids Plane Pillow – Toddler Pillow for Hot or Sweaty Sleepers – 13 x 18, White, 300TC Cotton Sateen, Features Outlast(R) Temperature Regulating Technology to Reduce Overheating (Low Loft)  – Product Information

  • Size: Low Loft
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight : 8.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight : 3.95 pounds

Toddler Pillow

Toddler Pillow – Usage rest accessories: a cushion and also blanket are important to manag your convenience. Earplugs wax. Not foam and also eye masks make a large difference too. Prior to you head out for your follow trip. Take a few minutes to prepare with several of these ideas. You’ll have a lot tter chance of captur some z’s. Lastly rest on an airplane.

3 Reasons You Must Obtain a Memory Foam Travel Pillow to Ruce Neck Discomforts

Did you ever consider that possibly you get a memory foam travel pillow for when you travel far away? That very same idea has actually struck a great deal of individuals as a means to decrease or get rid of the neck aches and also discomforts they obtain from try to sleep while on the plane or train. Some went on and did it. Most others have actually gotten bogg down in the downsides someplace as well as never also got start at look around for ways to minimize neck pains and pains on their trips.

While memory foam much more costly than your blow up travel pillow. It has its advantages. So fore we get caught up with cost. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that you must obtain a foam travel pillow and consider them one at a time.

First and foremost. On the “Pro” side. I ‘d explain that utiliz a memory foam pillow on your journeys provides you amaz assistance to assist protect against neck aches and discomforts that originate from sleep in a sitt placement for prolong time periods. Okay. I recognize your argument. For the “Disadvantage” side.