Small Memory Foam Contour Pillow, Thin Profile Helps Facilitate Proper Alignment for Neck Pain Relief and Zen Relaxation, Multiple Uses: Neck, Back, Lumbar, Travel, Children, Toddlers

Kids Travel Pillow Product Description


SMALL THIN SIZE – 15.75 Ins x 9.25 inches x 2 to 2.75 inches on contour edge
STYLE – Thin Ergonomic Shape Design for All-natural Cervical Curve to Promote Effective Placement and Assistance
QUALITY – Soft Density Ensures Rich Zen Relaxation
ADAPTABILITY – Cushion Style makes it flexible for Trip, Back, Lumbar Help, Youngster
COMPOSITION – 100% Memory Foam with Cleanable White Rayon Removable Zipper Cover

Chiropractors highly recommend when resting on one’s back, the ear ought to remain in alignment with the shoulders. Silqui Comfort’s small thin measurements and also premium quality moment froth supplies just sufficient altitude to guarantee correct and also safe positioning to promote back discomfort relaxation. Delivers convenience to those from all sleep postures. This pillow is extremely flexible as well as is developed for grown-up comfort in your home, while travelling as well as is excellent for little ones. The appeal from its small style makes it light-weight, hassle-free and quickly mobile.