• Material: plush+ pp cotton(pillow+blanket)
  • Size: pillow is about 36cm, blanket is about100cm*180cm
  • Pattern: soft 3-in-1, plush toy, pillow, and blanket
  • Blanket can be easily folded and stored in the pillow
  • Ideal birthday or Christmas present for kids.

Compact Travel Pillow And Blanket Set Product Description

3-in-1 Pillow Air Conditioner Blanket , Great for Sofa, Car, Outdoor, Office and traveling. Creative and practical!



Airplane Blanket And Pillow Set – Skyseen 3 in 1 Fruit Nap Blanket &Stuffed Toy& Pillow Set Adults Kids Throw Pillow Cushion,Watermelon – Product Information

  • Shipping Weight : 6.61 pounds

Nap Blanket

Nap Blanket – Yet that recognizes exactly what the options will certainly  and how much they’ll cost you. A very easy solution is to br some food with you. We prefer to go to Whole Foods prior to we leave and also br cheese and biscuits.  Grapes and other very easy to eat items with us. It doesn’t take up much room and you’ll  thankful when you see the person throughout the island chomp down on his third granola bar.


Oversleep flight is hard and those awkward pillows.  Itchy covers and also lights do not help. This is why I never ever leave for an over night flight without my n-a-p travel kit. They have several ses as well as designs. But also for me.  I like my pink soft cuddle cover.  My eye mask and neck cushion. I sleep like a baby.

The Morn After

There’s absolutely noth like go to sleep as well as gett up with the taste of sweaty socks in your mouth.  Understand you now have to get off the plane as well as talk with somebody in customizs concern why you’re see. Do both of you a favor and also at a minimum br a travel toothbrush.  Toothpaste.  Brush as well as a package of child wipes to assist you freshen up just a little prior to you land.

Rest And Snor In All The Incorrect Places

Have you every  caught tak a snooze literally as well as snor in public? Hav  an extremely frequent flyer in years past.  I commonly experience this on airplanes.

Snor in public doesn’t also differentiate with regards to gender. Right prior to liftoff.  Somebody drops off and also with their head slant back as well as mouth agape.  You  simply quite literally see and also listen to the ZZZZZ’s come bill out.