Niuniu Daddy Kids Travel Pillow Road Trip Essentials for 3-8 Y/O-Soft Memory Foam Kids Neck Pillow for Traveling Airplane Travel Essentials-Pink Axolotl U-Shaped Pillow for Boys/Girls

  • Novel unique plan from Niuniu Daddy:Our architect planned this children travel cushion in light of axolotl. Its night-sparkling tail makes this axolotl kids neck pad more diversion for its proprietor. This children excursion fundamental voyaging pad is an extraordinary gift for the young men/young ladies in your day to day existence who loves axolotl.
  • Loaded up with adaptive padding, this pink children venture out cushion merge to the state of children’s more modest neck and head. This children adaptive padding neck pad is intended for little kids who simply need a smidgen of help to assist with forestalling head moving while at the same time resting.
  • This excursion basics kids voyaging pad has a delicate launderable colourfast outside cover. The texture is amicable to the skin and accessible in different varieties so every youngster can have their own with no disarray.
  • Cute. This really delicate creature travel neck pad for young men is so charming. It can serve as a rich toy or soft toy to cuddle when you’re at your objective.
  • Compact. Just around 11oz, lightweight enough to effectively convey with however weighty enough to offer a decent help for any little head.