COLLECTION OF 2 PILLOWCASES: One for each evening rest, 2nd one for travel, or even just possess a back up while one resides in the wash
DELICATE TO YOUR CHILD’S SKIN: Hypoallergenic, ONE HUNDRED% Soft & Breathable Cotton
DOUBLE STITCHING FOR EXTRA STAMINA: LaLaCare Pillowcases are going to last for cushion fights or any other enjoyable tasks
POUCH DESIGN WITH WIDE OVERLAPPING TO GUARANTEE COMFORT: Pillow keeps in one piece also in the course of the best perturbed sleeping and also could be changed with ease
QUICK AND EASY TREATMENT: Our scenarios are made to “Reduce To Suit”, thus you could maker wash as well as tumbler dry with peace of mind. It will flawlessly match pillows sized 13″ X18″ as well as 14″ X 19″ along with a much more snug match
A READY TO PROMOTION GIFT: LaLaCare Pillowcase is the only pillow case that comes in a charming PRESENT CARTON, alongside a BED TIME STORIES E-BOOK recorded verses to review to your youngster just before sleep! The elephant design as well as colours are actually special, ideal for both ladies and also boys

LaLaCare provides you a wonderful item made with extra treatment and focus on information.
We know exactly how important high quality is actually when obtaining items for your child, therefore we
have actually created the best pillow case that you and also your toddler are going to positively adore!

Crafted from 100% Breathable Hypoallergenic Cotton, LaLaCare Pillowcases are Soft
and also Cozy, for a quiet and calming sleep.
Our Cover showcases an Envelope Type Opening that conducts the pillow conveniently
and also snugly in place, possesses Tough Sewing and Long-term Colors.
The elephant concept is cute and delicate, perfect for each females and children.

Furthermore, our team are providing you a digital book along with catchy, comical tales and precise
lessons to review to your kid before rest!
Bed time accounts have actually long been actually known to nurture parent-child connections, improve creativity
off an early age as well as create a delighted space for youngsters just before dropping off to sleep.

The set of 2 pillowcases can be found in a container product packaging where merely including a lace will
produce the ideal present!

Kids Travel Pillows Neck Product Description


100% SATISFACTION assured!
If, for any type of reason, you are certainly not fully delighted with your order, we offer a total loan refund!

Include in take now and you get:

2 x Pillow cases
Concept: Elephants
Different colors: Blue as well as Pink
Dimension: 14″ X19″.
Packing: Kraft Present Carton.

1x Thanks Card.

1x E-Book “Bedtime Stories. Lala As Well As Friends”.


Baby Travel Neck Support – LaLaCare Kids Toddler Pillowcase 2 Pack, 100% Cotton Hypoallergenic / For Bedding and For Travel, Envelope Style, Fits Toddler Pillow Size 13X18 and 14X19 + Bedtime Stories eBook – Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.1 x 1.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 5.6 ounces

Toddler Pillowcase

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