• World’s best neck support for travel, comfort & fun
  • Soft critter shaped shell featuring embroidered team logo
  • Pillow is filled with “green” polyester fiber
  • Officially Licensed
  • Shell made China; Finished and Filled in the USA
  • World’s best neck support for travel, comfort & fun
  • Soft critter shaped shell featuring embroidered team logo
  • Pillow is filled with “green” polyester fiber.
  • Officially Licensed
  • Shell made China. Finished and Filled in the USA

Toddler Travel Pillow Airplane Product Description

World’s Best Neck Support for Travel, Comfort & Fun Our Officially Licensed Critter Neck Pillow features a fun, animal-shape shell with domestic embroidery. Filled with all-new polyester fiber regenerated from recycled sources such as plastic bottles. Our Critter Pillow offers supreme comfort for home and travel while being fun for fans of all ages. Perfect for long car trips, plane rides and even hanging around the house.


Baby Travel Cushion – Critter Piller NCAA Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow – Product Information

  • Color: Kentucky Wildcats
  • Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces

Travel Neck Pillow

Travel Neck Pillow – 8 An eye-mask will certainly assist block out light. Especially if tak a trip throughout daytime hours or if you are attempt to sleep when the cabin lights get on.

9 Request a cushion and blanket as quickly as you board. They will certainly make you a lot more comfy as well as there are normally not nearly enough to go around if the flight is full.

10 If you have to get some rest. For some people. Drugs are the only way they can sleep on a plane. Over the counter anti- queasiness and also travel micines frequently are sufficient enough to obtain people sluggish.

How to Make Your Personal Comfy Travel Cushion

Whether you travel in a cars and truck or on an airplane or train when you go on a vacation. You constantly wish to attempt as well as as comfortable as you possibly can. Specifically if you are go somewhere that a long distance and you ne to rest while travel. So it’s always a nice idea to have your own travel pillow with you for the trip. Travel pillows are usually a great deal smaller siz than a regular pillow and also can square. U form or round and when you buy one they can cost up to $45.00. So why not save yourself a little bit of money as well as make your own?

Initial point you will do is to pick out.

The type of fabric that you want your cushion to construct out of. You can pick silk. Satin. Fleece. Whatever you such as. Fleece however is most likely the most convenient material to work with and also it does not battle royal like some other materials that you choose. For this job the product will fleece. You even take an old fleece t-shirt and make use of mak your pillow with lower cost right there.

After you have your material you will ne to find out how big you want it and exactly what shape you want it to . The typical size of a travel pillow is about 12 inches in elevation as well as around 16 inches wide. This is about half as huge as your conventional room cushion. If you decide you want a U shap one you make a simulat one very first us some roll up cook area towels.

Once you have pick your size you will certainly ne to include about 4 inches to the elevation and also to the length of your pillow. Currently. Lay out the textile mak sure that it is flat and afterwards thoroughly remov the shape that you desire. You will certainly obviously ruce two pieces of the same dimension. Take the pieces and lay them in addition to one another.