Comfy Critters Stuffed Animal Blanket – Shark – Kids huggable pillow and blanket perfect for pretend play, travel, nap time.


NUZZLE UP ALONG WITH YOUR FAVORITE PET|Your child’s beloved creature is now a comfortable critter. Perfect for nuzzling throughout snoozes and wearing during leisure.
COMPLETELY TRANSFORMS INTO A CUSHION|The Comfy Pest simply changes coming from a super-sized covering (36 x 47 inches) in to a selection of pet pillows
VERSATILE, FUNCTIONAL AND ALSO DURABLE|The adaptability of the deluxe covering for children permits this to become a perfect camping outdoors, taking a trip, sleeping, participating in, resting and reading through buddy
PREMIUM QUALITY FLEECE|Our very soft, premium Chenille Fleece Blankets can be machine cleaned to ease your load
PERFECT FOR YOUNG BOYS OR LADIES|With a wide selection from wearable blankets, you ensure to find the excellent one for your kid

What is a Comfy Pest? These comfy friends may change into a pillow, quilt, cover, or even a limit. They can be found in all the best lovable personalities from your kids’ beloved programs, consisting of Paw Patrol, Teen Mutant Ninja Tortoises, The Incredibly Starving Caterpillar, as well as Grumpy Pet cat. And, every one of the Comfy Critters authentic workers including a Fox, Pug, Unicorn, Shark, and also a soft and cuddly little bit of Cat.

Kids Travel Pillow Product Description

Where is the very best spot to cuddle your Comfy Critter?
Comfy Critters may fold into a cushion, making them very easy to take anywhere! Your one-and-only Comfy Pest is wonderful for play, sleep time, naptime, essentially, anytime!

How perform you fold your Comfy Pest?

Our patented design makes it effortless to fold your Comfy Pest as much as create a luxurious pillow or even a fuzzy buddy. Our excellent quality luxurious is actually device cleanable, making it quick and easy for you to handle your children’ preferred buddy.

Why get a Comfy Critter?

These hairy friends are actually a wrap, a robe, a close friend you can easily accommodate! These unique quilts will become your little one’s coziest friend that they can easily take anywhere! Get their preferred personality, pet, or even different colors! These soft and squeezable, cute and transformable little Pests make the ideal present!

Our team ensure each Comfy Pest is made from top quality Chenille Fleece component that is actually simple to keep, straightforward to transfer, and also completely as well cute to avoid. Each Comfy Animal is actually excellent for boys or even girls. With our huge selection from pests and personalities there is something for everybody!