Children’s Neck Pillows For Travel Product Description


NO PILLOWCASE NEEDED – Superior Microfiber Cloth Finish Designed to Act As a Pillow case.
INCREDIBLY SOFT & DURABLE – Created coming from Soft Rayon Fibers, Generating a Soft Yet Durable Pillow. ONE HUNDRED% HYPOALLERGENIC!
PERFECT MEASUREMENTS FOR KIDS – THIRTEEN inches x 18 ins Provides the Perfect Spine and also Back Support For Any Sort Of Little one.
OPERATES WONDERFUL AS A TRIP CUSHION – Perfect for Reconsidering a Long Airplane Experience or even Journey. Adults & Youngster Both Love this Pillow!
SUPPLIER CASH BACK WARRANTY – If You’re Ever before Unsatisfied along with Our Toddler Cushion the Manufacturer will definitely supply a Full Reimbursement! No Questions Inquired!

TOP Young Child Pillow is the ideal pillow for your child’s first night sleep in his brand new big mattress! This proprietary mix of material warranties your toddler the best peaceful rest which assures you a quiet evening


Toddler Travel Pillow Airplane – Best Toddler Pillow (INCREDIBY SOFT – 100% HYPOALLERGENIC) No Pillowcase Needed! Allergy Free – White Microfiber Finish 13×18 – Provides Great Back & Neck Support for Any Toddler, Kid, or Child – Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 4 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight : 10.6 ounces

Best Toddler Pillow

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